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Lantern House: Center for Seraphic Living
Lantern House provides you with some of the most talented readers, consultants, healers, teachers & spiritual leaders, who through their gifts and years of experience & study in various healing modalities are enthusiastic and ready to provide you with the support & spiritual guidance you seek. 

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Some healing services are available by appointment only. 
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Intuitive Readings &
Spiritual Direction  
w/ Kim Feeney
Intuitive Consultations 
Tarot Readings 
Spiritual Direction 
Consciousness Coaching
Seraphic Tarot Readings & Consultations with Kim reflect on your past, present & future paths as a timeless landscape that reveals the spiritual significance of your “everyday” experiences, addressing your current circumstances and unveiling aspects of your higher purpose. For Kim, each reading is a sacred experience, for both the reader and the client. Believing each person embodies divine nature, Kim engages each reading as a facilitator of your own communication with the divine. She brings  clarity, insight, direction, peace and a sense of empowerment to your path, providing you with what you need  for you to honor your  higher Self.  Tarot Readings, Spiritual Directions, etc.,  vary in focus, facilitation, & length of time; the most requested service is tarot readings, but you are encouraged to discuss with Kim the format that best serves your needs.
Fee:   $120 / session (one hour)    

Other Services are available, including space clearings, workshops & private meditation sessions; contact Kim for additional info

Readings with Rev. Mary Yankee, Conscious Channel

For the last 20 years, readings with Reverend Mary Yankee have been described as an incredible gift to her clients, a grounding force in chaotic times, a breath of fresh air, and a reliable, comforting source of divine direction.... Rev Yankee is a compassionate, gifted intuitive who connects with her clients' own Higher Selves as well as their high level Guides, to aid each person in discovering the obstacles within him/herself, while also giving them the tools to remove those obstacles. Each session focuses on guiding her clients into healing & wholeness.  Available as scheduled, on Lantern House's calendar of events! We advise booking your appt. in advance; Rev. Yankee's schedule fills quickly. Call 203.529.1219 to schedule your appointment!   Fee: $150 / session (one hour)


Thai Massage 
w/ Fran Ray
Practiced in Thailand for many centuries, Thai massage utilizes compression, acupressure, energy meridian work, and yoga-like stretches.   Thai Massage stimulates and calms the mind and body to promote the body’s natural healing processes. Yoga-like stretches are employed for their energetic effects, as well as their ability to improve flexibility and strength.   Thai massage therapists utilize their own thumbs, palms, elbows, forearms, knees, & feet to stretch the client’s body and open up energetic blockages. Thai massage has been proven helpful and therapeutic in many ways:   -- Encouraging lymphatic function, promotes detoxification of the body, boosts the immune system, and prevents injury by increasing flexibility, recapturing range of motion  --It can be used as a physical therapy to aid in the increase of range of motion and muscular strength  --Increases circulation, flexibility and muscle tone  -- Can play a crucial role in repairing damaged tissue from overworked muscles, fatigue, strains & sprains  --Beneficial for those who find themselves stiff, sore, and tired from overexertion in work or sports, or from arthritis affecting mobility. 

Fee: $130 / 60 minute session

Reiki Healing & Chakra Balancing w/ Dinah Reyes

Reiki (pron “RAY-kee”) is an eastern form of energy healing.  Reiki combines two words: “rei” which means “spirit, soul,” and “ki” which means “energy” or “life force.”  

A Reiki practitioner is a channel for this universal energy or life force. This energy is directed into the recipient using light hand placements on different points on the body. There is no muscle manipulation; the treatment is administered while the recipient is fully clothed and either seated or lying down. The recipient may feel warmth, tingling and sometimes coolness radiating from the practitioner’s hands.  

In our world today, the demands of modern life take a toll on the physical, mental and emotional well-being of every individual. Reiki serves to help balance and alleviate the many effects on our physical and energetic bodies resulting from these stresses.  Reiki is highly effective in stress reduction, emotional release, and chronic pain management, and can accelerate physical healing. It is also helpful in achieving emotional and spiritual clarity.   

Some Benefits of Reiki Healing Stress reduction/release Deep relaxation, also helps with insomnia 
Pain management for: post-surgical recovery, illness, injury Accelerated healing of wounds 

Emotional release--from suppressed emotional trauma, anxiety, depression Chakra balancing--There are different energy points or chakras in the body. Sometimes these energetic points are blocked due to stress or emotional trauma. Reiki is effective in opening these points and helps the energetic flow which creates balance and harmony with mind and body.   
Promotes a sense of well-being by balancing the mental, physical and spiritual.  Call for an appointment!
Fee: $110 / one hour
$65 / half-hour