Lantern House - Center for Seraphic Living
Readers, Practitioners, Consultants
Kimberly Morey Feeney,
Owner & Spiritual Director
Kim Morey Feeney of Lantern House, Center for Seraphic LivingKim is the founder and owner of Lantern House. Kim's vision has been to create a welcoming,, authentic, professional & grounded venue to welcome people of all backgrounds to settle within themselves and rediscover their soul's path as well as reconnect with the Divine -- with no proselytizing, no expectation of a fluency in theology or metaphysics -- just a respectful open-mindedness that perhaps there is much we can all learn from one another.

Kim is a graduate of the Union Theological Seminary at Columbia University with an M.A. in systematic theology, focusing much of her course of study on comparative theologies and the work of Thomas Merton, the acclaimed mid-20th century spiritual master, Trappist monk, social activist and established author of dozens of books on mysticism & interfaith dialogue.

In the past, Kim has taught theology on the high school and elementary school levels in NYC; she has presented her research and writings on systematic theology & modern mysticism at several academic conferences and colloquiums; worked in the field of institutional advancement as well as for other non-profit organizations; and has created, developed & facilitated dozens of retreat experiences (religious, leadership training, service-based) for teens, adults and the mentally challenged.

Kim has been naturally empathic and intuitive since early childhood. Her inherent aptitude for heightening the natural & extraordinary senses eventually led Kim to choose the lifelong process of developing her gifts for spiritual communication, healing & blessed perception. Originally from Staten Island, NY, she & her family reside in Fairfield, CT.

Dinah Reyes,
Reiki Healing

Dinah has been a Reiki practitioner since 1997. She is a certified First and Second Degree Usui Shiko Ryoho Reiki practitioner and graduate of Boston College with a BA in Sociology. She recently left a career in corporate restaurant management to focus solely on developing her Reiki practice. Dinah’s intention is to help people find their balance in life with the help of Reiki. Her sessions are guided by intuition and empathy. Originally from the Philippines, her family resided in Massachusetts and settled in Rochester, NY. She currently resides in Norwalk, CT.





Rev. Mary Yankee, 
Intuitive Counselor & Conscious Channel
Reverend Mary Yankee is a gifted & compassionate intuitive counselor and conscious channel for over 20 years. Reverend Yankee connects with her clients' own Higher Selves as well as their high level Guides, to aid each person in discovering the obstacles within him/herself, while also giving them the tools to remove those obstacles. Each session focuses on guiding her clients into healing & wholeness.

An interfaith minister, Reverend Yankee studied for two years at The New Seminary in Manhattan, where she was ordained at St. John the Divine Cathedral in June 2004. She is continuing her education with a degree in Sociology from Albertus Magnus College in New Haven, CT.
Rev. Yankee is available for 60 minute sessions when she is in town visiting from her new home in Chicago, IL.

Fran Ray,
Thai Yoga Massage
Fran has been a licensed massage therapist since 1991. In 1997, her love of yoga inspired her to study Thai Yoga Massage in Florida. She traveled to Thailand in 2000 to continue her study and upon returning to the US, Fran uniquely paired her massage training with teaching yoga.
She received her 200-hour Yoga Teacher training certification from The Yoga Institute of Houston with Lex Gillan and Raye Lynn Rath. In 2004, Fran continued her education with an additional 200 hour Yoga Teacher training certification at the Yoga Mandali Studio in New York City, under the direction of Lisa Keays.
Fran's formal training in Thai Yoga Massage incorporates a knowledge of the body’s structure and function to assist bringing more space within the body. This facilitates the body to return to its own harmonious balance and heal.
Fran describes her philosophy of yoga simply: "Our connection to breath draws us inward to Self. Opening restrictions or blockages in the physical body through asana enables the body to sit silent for meditation. This allows one to experience a deeper stillness and affords a pathway to bliss and a profound feeling of peace. Once we have attained this inner awareness of peace and bliss, we are better able to share it outward, in our relationships with others."