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Readings & Spiritual Direction  with Kim FeeneyAvailable by appointmentTarot Readings & Consultations with Kim reflect on your past, present & future paths as a timeless landscape that reveals the spiritual significance of your “everyday” experiences, addressing your current circumstances & unveiling aspects of your higher purpose. For Kim, each reading is a sacred experience, for both the reader and the client. Believing each person embodies divine nature, Kim engages each reading as a facilitator of your own communication with the divine. She brings  clarity, insight, direction, peace & a sense of empowerment to your path, providing you with what you need for you to honor your higher Self. Fee:   60 minutes / $120

 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Readings with Conscious Channel Reverend Mary Yankee November 2016 Dates Coming Soon!
Reverend Yankee is a gifted and compassionate intuitive counselor and conscious channel. With over 20 years of experience, Rev.Yankee connects with her clients’ Higher Selves and High Level Guides to aid them in discovering the obstacles within themselves & giving them the tools to remove those obstacles. Fee:  60 minutes / $150


Meditation with Channeled Messages 
 Upcoming Dates:  Nov 3; Nov 17The 1st & 3rd Thursday of every month @ Lantern House, 7:00pm
Join us for an evening of meditation and shamanic journeying, followed by a series of channeled psychic messages for each participant.  Each First Thursday Meditation will center on a different sacred intention, as we focus on manifesting the higher parts of our Selves through a journeying session to the Sacred. Each session will focus on a specific intention for creating a clear flow of energy, clearing energetic blocks, reconnecting ourselves with the Divine, and manifesting greater love and abundance.  Channeled messages @ the conclusion of the journey, with time for inquiry and discussion.
Fee: $30 per person ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Tuesday Meditation: The Living Gifts of the Holy SpiritUpcoming Dates: TBA
This meditation session is offered the 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of every month. 

Join us for this small-group meditation session that centers on connecting with and manifesting the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Each session guides you toward deepened, more profound daily experiences of the divine peace, beauty & love that is within you and around you. Kim guides you on this meditative journey towards connecting with and strengthening the gifts of the Spirit (wisdom; understanding; courage; counsel; knowledge; reverence; wonder & awe), thereby deepening your awareness of and appreciation for the transcendent, reigniting your creativity & opening energetic pathways towards greater clarity, authenticity, spontaneity and ease.
RSVP required by the night before the meditation session (Monday evening)  

Call 203.529.1219 or email  

Space is limited to six (6) participants 
Please arrive 10 minutes before the meditation session begins 
Dress comfortably
Bottled water, chairs & floor pillows are provided, but feel free to bring your own favorite blanket or pillow  

Facilitated by: Kim Feeney, MA Fee: $20 per person



Reiki Healing with Dinah ReyesEvery Friday -- Appointment or Walk In

Reiki serves to help balance and alleviate the many effects on our physical and energetic bodies resulting from the stresses of modern living.  Reiki is highly effective in stress reduction, emotional release, and chronic pain management, and can accelerate physical healing. It is also helpful in achieving emotional and spiritual clarity.   60 min and 30 min sessions available  Available EVERY Friday! Walk-ins Welcome, Appointments Suggested


Fee:  60 minutes, $110        30 minutes, $65