Lantern House - Center for Seraphic Living
Wall of Miracles & Memories
 Everyone has a story....
It was in the beginning months of preparing to open Lantern House in the autumn of 2011 that we, and many who are close to us, experienced the loss of several loved ones within a week of each other. In our grieving with our friends and family for their losses and ours, it became clear that we wanted / needed a space to honor our loved ones, the special place they hold in our hearts, to acknowledge the part of them that remains a part of us every day.

Each of us has different ways of acknowledging the pain of loss, of moving through the grieving process, of working through the "stuff" of suffering. Each person, each family, grieves and honors those who have passed on, in their own way. Because of the timing (on SO many levels) it  felt absolutely right, and really, called for, to have a space where we keep their pictures, their prayer cards, whatever feels "right".... so that each day that Lantern House is opened, a candle is lit for them, a prayer said for/to them. This includes offering a space for memorializing the loss of family pets as well.... even now, in a time when pets are more than ever considered a member of the family, there is no formal grieving process for the loss of our furry or feathered family In the process of creating that small sacred space, it seemed right to offer this space up to ALL. To anyone who sees themselves, through Lantern House, as part of the larger community of human beings working with and for Love & Light.
So it seemed perfect - offering a space where anyone could bring in a photo, a prayer card, or another memento to share with the community - and by so doing, asking the community of Lantern House guests & friends to offer a little prayer for that soul, as well as their loved ones. These photos & mementos are not only a memorial, but also stand as a quiet, subtle reminder to value our own beloved family, friends & pets, while we have the blessed gift of time with those we love --- a reminder to speak kindly, to share generously, and forgive frequently.

At the same time in those autumn months, when we were going through such a difficult, sad time in the passing away of several family members - we also experienced a deluge of miraculous happenings. ---- And again, those who were around us at that time were also experiencing very similar beautiful, amazing, "no-way-that-just-happened" moments.  Lantern House came to be during this time - a period of tremendous loss, and of tremendous faith. And hope. And love.

For myself, and for a handful of close family and friends: Messages became clear. Inner longings of the soul & Spirit moved us to take huge risks, true leaps of faith - in career, finances, relationships, everything.

And when doubt or fear started to creep into the psyche - the right person would call, the right person would send an email, one door was closed but the better one, the right one, was open right next door.

Sometimes these miracles were a series of incredible meetings, a number of synchronistic events, or chance happenings; sometimes they were much more tangible - as in, there was something to actually show to another person. We have those things here, too.

And so, Lantern House invites you to share your memories and miracles with the growing community that is here. We invite you to bring in the picture, prayer card, memorial token of someone who has passed on that you wish to share with others, asking all of us for our prayers, good thoughts and blessings. Or to share with us a token of your miraculous experience(s) - in whatever form seems right for you.

The greatest gift, the greatest love, that we can offer others is the gift of our very selves.

So ask, and receive. Give of yourself, and receive of yourself & others, in sharing your loss and love, sharing your experiences of undeniable perfect timing & divine will.

Questions? Not sure how to go about this?
Call (or email) Lantern House - that's why we're here.