Lantern House - Center for Seraphic Living
Lantern House in Wilton, CT
 Lantern House: Center for Seraphic Living is a unique space that provides a range of resources that serve to promote, support and guide anyone seeking to develop or rediscover the framework necessary to live authentically and move through the world in right relationship with Self, Others and the Divine.

Purpose & History:

Lantern House is distinctive in its approach to spiritual (or seraphic) living, as well as in its internal operations structure.  Creating, designing and facilitating the programs and then matching the concept with the right space took some time to develop. Lantern House brings a new perspective to the socially collective imagery of the "holistic lifestyle." Merging several (seemingly disparate elements of authentic living, Lantern House brings together spirituality, collective mythology, religion, lineage & story-telling, the significance of dialectical reasoning, and scholarly study (particularly the sciences, psychology, sociology, philosophy & theology).  

These elements are brought together in a cohesive, flowing movement towards reawakening the soul, desiring to meet each human being where they are and invite them to their true home within and without. We are all spiritual beings, but we are all also physically present in the world. To honor one without the other would be unbalanced. Many of us seek to embrace the light, the beauty of all that is and all that is Greater Than. 

However, the shadow is
also present around us and within us. To dismiss the shadow or to deny its existence, to be fearful of the shadow, to spend our energy suppressing the shadow, is to risk not living the fullness of life. To live in the light, we actively choose to embrace the light, but we must also acknowledge that shadow is present as well, that it is part of the human condition & the human experience. And the shadow also has its higher purpose, as anyone who has experienced a “dark night of the soul” can well tell you. To live in the light of what IS, we must see both for what they truly are.  Light and shadow assist us in bringing peace to the soul and striving for direct experience of truth & divinity.

The Lantern
A lantern is a tool, an instrument that bears light; but a lantern is not the light itself. A lantern’s structure is envisaged, tested, its durability & safety assessed; it is then constructed, perfected, & chosen by the user because a lantern safely houses a flame, a source of light & warmth.
For what purpose does one need light?
To See.
The lantern is not the source of the light; the light is its own source. A lantern exists only because it is called upon to hold the light, to keep it burning brightly. The lantern simply offers a light by which to see. But the light is more important than the lantern.

The Home
Lantern House resides in the historic “Overseer’s Cottage” of Lambert Corner in Wilton, CT. The Overseer’s Cottage (circa 1790) was the home of the overseer (& his family) of the Lambert Estate (more about “overseers” below).

It is part of the human condition to seek home; our humanness tells us that home equates to safety, security, reliability….a place to truly be ourselves. A place where we begin, and to which we return.
And so it is in our very humanness that we will always find and have a home, because wherever you are IS home. You are your home. The world is your home. And we find home in one another. 

But usually we also want the coziness of a space where we can just BE, with all our beauty & with all our flaws. A starting point for the journey ahead. A place that offers the light we need to better understand the world through which we dance. 
Lantern House welcomes you Home.

“No one lights a lamp and puts it in a place where it will be hidden, or under a basket. Instead, one puts it on its stand, so that those who come in may see the light.” (Lk 11:33)
Seraphim, or

Center for Seraphic Living

"Seraphic" (
sur -ahh -fik) is a reference to the angelic order of the Seraphim (translated, "burning ones"), who are described as a particular rank of celestial beings in Jewish & Christian Scriptures. 

The term "seraphic" is synonymous with "angelic, cherubic;" 
seraphic also means "blissful, joyful."

154 Danbury Road
Wilton, CT 06897

At the intersection of
Route 7 (Danbury Road) &
Route 33 (Westport Road)

The driveway entrance is located
on Route 7 / Danbury Road

Phone: (203) 529-1219
Little collection of mums & pumpkins on the front porch of Lantern House, a healing center in Wilton, CT that offers holistic services & sophisticated spiritual retail

Building History:

Built in the 18th-century, the 
“Overseer’s Cottage” of Lambert Corners (a CT state-registered historic site) served as the home of the overseer of the Lambert Estate in Wilton, CT in the 19th century.

Overseer's Cottage, the home of Lantern House in Wilton, CT
The cottage is as cozy, warm and inviting as it is charming & elegant; looking around, you can still see the original framework, fixtures, even the original door locks!

The cottage location is also metaphorically significant.
 Built as the home of the overseer/ caretaker of the Lambert estate, the Overseer was charged with the responsibility of tending to the general needs of the family & property, facilitating the overall estate happenings & managing the employees, keeping daily life on track and securing future legacies. 

In the Christian Scriptures, “overseer” is used interchangeably with the terms shepherd, presbyter, 
bishop & pastor.